By now there seem to be as many "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FAIL" videos as there are successes, but do any of them feature a delectable Irish brogue?

Okay, so in addition to the marvelously slapstick turn of events just prior to the one-minute mark, we spotted a few other fails here:

  1. You're only supposed to challenge three people, right? Our protagonist must be using the metric system or something.
  2. Who the hell put that whatever-it-is-that-she-runs-right-smack-into at the perfect face level? And in the middle of the walkway, too!
  3. Again with the vertical videos. Come on, people. Just turn your phone to the side. Even worse, after the face-smashing, the cameraman TURNS IT TO THE SIDE, like he's deliberately insulting us.

We do love his "You have a nice bump on your head" comment, though. Gotta be her dad, right?

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