LOL Someone brought up this moment the other day about Miranda Lambert helping me do the ice bucket challenge. It was one of those things you go "wow that was so long ago now"!

Remember the ice bucket challenge? The challenge was to raise awareness for the ALS Foundation and you would have to dump a bucket of ice water over your head and nominate three people to also do so. If you did not do the ice bucket challenge, you will have to donate money to the Foundation.

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We enlisted Miranda Lambert to help me do the ice bucket challenge. She was about to go on stage when we asked and she was great about it. We went to go find a hose and she wanted to just shoot the hose at me. Here is how it went.

We dug up the original story here:

I had to donate money to the ALS Foundation because I took a little (really..... a lot) longer than 24 hours to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Last Friday I thought that I'd ask Miranda Lambert for a little help at Darien Lake.

We had to pre-plan a little bit to have the ice bucket ready and our good friend Tony at Darien Lake helped us get some ice backstage and find a hose (God knows, they have more security at Darien Lake than the White House). By the time we did it the ice melted and she kept hollering at me saying we're cheating haha.

Since there was not a lot of people left to nominate I had to improvise.....

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