Paula Deen is being sued for $1.2 million from one of her former restaurant managers.  The person suing her is Lisa Jackson, and she claims that not only did Paula Deen use the n-word, but that her son Bubba Hiers sexually harassed her. But what's really interesting came in Deen's deposition.

She was asked if she used the n-word, and in the deposition she responded, "Yes, of course,” according to The National Enquirer. Her deposition also included Deen saying that she was asking African-American waiters to play the roles of slaves at a wedding party she was putting together.

Calls to Food Network reps were not returned, according to the Enquirer, and she has not addressed it yet on her Twitter page. I certainly hope it's not true and that somewhere along the line, the information was miscommunicated. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at her and said, "Man, I wish she was my grandma!"

But not if this stuff is the case. I am blown away by the racism that still exists in this world. Then again, it was just a couple weeks ago that a school in Georgia experienced their first unsegregated prom. It is 2013, right?

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