A tense situation in Cheektowaga was caught on video and has gone viral after a man went on a racist rant.

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The situation in Cheektowaga, New York has caught the attention of thousands. A man making a trip to a local Aldi grocery store allegedly hit a parked car. When the owner of the parked vehicle attempted to exchange insurance information, the man who hit his car launched into a racist tirade against the victim.

This video quickly made rounds on social media before landing on Tik Tok user TizzyEnt, a well-known influencer on TikTok who outs racists and tries to discover who they exactly are.

**Be aware there is NSFW Language On The Video**

Who Is Tizzyent?

His real name is Michael, but he goes by Tizzyent on social media. He has over 276,000 followers on Instagram and almost 476,000 on Twitter.
What he does is pretty simple. He finds videos of people online who are acting in sexist, violent, racist ways and he simply exposes them. He tells the world who they are, and then lets the world take care of the rest.
Mostly, these things tend to happen in big cities where people are hidden in the masses a little better. But then today this one popped up on a lot of timelines in Western New York because it happened in our own backyard.

What was the confrontation about?

According to the video, the confrontation began when the man who is hurling the racist slurs came into the parking lot. He allegedly ran into the vehicle of the man that was recording the video. He was simply trying to get his name for insurance purposes. That’s when he began with the slurs.

What Would You Do If You Witnessed Something Like This?

Imagine you're getting out of your vehicle and you see something like this happening.  You don't even have to be the victim in this instance.  What would you do if you stopped at this grocery store and as you were walking in, you noticed this happening?  What if your kids were with you?  How would you explain it to them?

Would you explain that it was wrong?  Would you say something to defend the person who was being attacked?  Or would you just stay out of it and let it continue for the next 10 minutes...or the next 10 years?

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