There is a restaurant that will be featured on the Food Network next week showing off all kinds of Buffalo staples.  But it's not a restaurant in Buffalo.

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Set your DVR for next week.  If you've ever wanted to know how to make something like "beef on weck pizza" or other staples, you'll have the chance. Two brothers are about to be featured with Guy Fieri on Food Network (again) as they share their love of Buffalo food. But be prepared, the restaurant isn't in Buffalo.

Buffalo Themed Restaurant Being Featured On The Food Network

People tend to get excited when a restaurant that they like to go to gets some national attention.  It's always cool to see the restaurant from a different perspective and even get to say, "Hey...I've been there!"  Or even, "I've sat right there where Guy Fieri is sitting!"

What Is DDD?

DDD is also known as "Diners, Driveins, And Dives"  It's a show that likes to feature restaurants that might not be getting Michelin stars but will give you incredible food on your road trips or your next family vacation.

It's hosted by Guy Fieri, a host who is well known for his incredible energy and white spikey hair, and striped goatee.

What Restaurant Is Being Featured?

The restaurant is called "Naked City Pizza" and although they feature things like Buffalo-style pizza, fish frys, and wings, you won't actually find them in Western New York.  They're actually located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's a restaurant that is owned and run by two brothers from Buffalo.  Along with their family, they have been sharing their love of Buffalo-style food in Las Vegas since 2009.

When Can We Watch It?

They made the announcement that the episode will air on the Food Network on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Friday April 7th at 9pm.

This certainly isn't their first time being featured with Fieri either...

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