The Buffalo Bills announced on Tuesday that they have renewed their agreement with St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY to continue holding their summer training camp there. Bills Managing Partner and President Russ Brandon said “our training camp model is among the best in the entire National Football League and we’re excited to continue our relationship with St. John Fisher College and the Rochester community for years to come.”

The agreement extends the working relationship between the Bills and St. John Fisher College for another five years.  It's hard to believe that Bills training camp in the Rochester suburb has been in place for 16 years, but isn't that a familiar number?

The Bills first training camp at St. John Fisher was in the summer of 2000, just a few months after the Bills last playoff appearance.  It was on January 8, 2000 that the Bills lost a heartbreaker to the Tennessee Titans in what became known as the Music City Miracle.  The Titans beat the Bills on a kickoff return in what some people call an illegal play, but after a video review the winning touchdown stood and the Bills have never been back to the playoffs since.

16 years!  Is there some strange correlation between the Bills playoff aspirations and their stay at St. John Fisher?  Pretty odd, huh?  Is it a curse?  Nothing against St. John Fisher.  It's a beautiful campus with outstanding facilities, but ever since the Bills moved from Fredonia to Pittsford their playoff appearances have shrunk to zero.

Athletes and sports teams are incredibly superstitious.  You'd think somebody in the Bills hierarchy would have made that connection and perhaps thought better of it.  Don't get me wrong, I love St. John Fisher College.  And each year I go there I see something new and improved.  But when you're talking about a professional sports team and their playoff chances you take whatever action you need to do to get the team going in the right direction.

Far fetched?  Ridiculous?  Sure, but you can't deny that it's beyond coincidence that the Bills haven't been to the playoffs in exactly the same amount of time they've held training camp at St. John Fisher.  You decide.

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