We like a good celebrity pregnancy rumor as much as anyone, but this one's got us really excited.

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WGRZ pointed out a speculative video posted to the Buffalo Zoo's Instagram page. Check it out for yourself.

The Buffalo Zoo captioned the image:

"Polar bear denning season is here! While there is no real test to determine if a polar bear is pregnant or not, female polar bears den up around this time every year.

Luna will stay in her den for the next few months while our staff monitors her. The video below is of Luna getting comfortable in her den for the first time this season. Don't miss updates on Luna's denning process in the coming weeks and months!"

The Buffalo Zoo has been Luna's home since she was just a baby. She came to the zoo in 2013, after her mother showed disinterest in caring for her. The Niagara Gazette reported on the significance of Luna's addition to the Zoo back in 2013:

"She’s also important because her father, now about 22-years-old, was an orphan bear caught in the wild who, as such, provided Luna with the strongest genes possible for a healthy polar bear lineage."

Sakari, her male companion, joined the Buffalo Zoo in 2017.

WGRZ reports 'denning' is totally normal, and it's not until she starts having cravings for pickle-flavored-fish ice cream  no one can know for sure.

Well, actually:

"As noted in the Zoo's Instagram post, there's no real way to know until she gives birth."


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