So the Buffalo Bills are playing on Thanksgiving for the 1st time in 25 years and that has lead to a debate on what to wear to dinner.

The Bills are set to take on Dallas with Kick-off at 4:30 pm which is around the time a lot of people will be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner.

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At my house, Thanksgiving was like going to Church, you wore your Sunday best while you stuffed your face. Of course, being a Bills fan I am also very superstitious and have worn the same Bills "outfit" all year long and the team is off to it's the best to start since 1993.

This leads to the question, Do I get dressed up for Thanksgiving or stay true to the Bills and wear my Bills gear?


Is It OK To Wear Bills Gear To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Yes..Let's Go Buffalo
No..Thanksgiving is a time to dress up
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