It's Lent in Buffalo.  Which means we eat fish fries...lots of them.  But what about if you want to refrain from meat, but aren't in the mood for a fish fry?  Where do you go?

Chances are, you'd ask someone where to go for the best seafood in Buffalo.  Us?  We go to Yelp to see what people actually say about the restaurants that are out there.  Do you agree with this list provided by Yelp!?  Are these the best seafood restaurants in Buffalo?

1.  Bailey Seafood (Takeout Only) - 3316 Bailey Ave  Buffalo, NY 14215
Read Laura D.'s review of Bailey Seafood on Yelp

2.  Viking Lobster Company - 366 Tonawanda St  Buffalo, NY 14207

Read Henery P.'s review of Viking Lobster Company on Yelp

3. Pho Lantern Restaurant - 837 Niagara St  Buffalo, NY 14213

Read Chiemika I.'s review of Pho Lantern Restaurant on Yelp

4.  Marotto's Restaurant - 3365 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14217

Read Jess L.'s review of Marotto's Restaurant on Yelp

5.  Seabar - 475 Ellicott St  Buffalo, NY 14202

Read Jessica C.'s review of Seabar on Yelp

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