Every day is some sort of holiday but this one is a good one. Today is Global Cat Day, it's a day to bring awareness to the need to adopt and foster cats. Clay and I were able to speak to Cheryl, the owner of Tabby Town located in the McKinley Mall about the work they do here locally. In the ten years Tabby Town has been open they rehomed over 5,900 cats! That's amazing work.

If you've never been to Tabby Town it's a delight, the cats are free to roam around the locations and it's wonderful, you can tell the cats are really cared for. When you stop in you can really interact with the cats and get to know them rather than just looking at them through glass or a crate,

Hear what Cheryl said about the work Tabby Town does and what you need to know about adopting a cat.


Learn more about Tabby Town at TabbyTown.org or call (716) 822-4910. You can also stop by their location in the McKinky Mall that is open M-S 11-7pm and Sunday 11-5pm.


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