Who doesn't enjoy a great night out to have dinner? Whether it is just to grab something quick, nothing fancy, or you get excited to get all dressed up to have a relaxing more expensive dining experience. There is no lack of choices when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat and more places are starting to navigate out of 2020 but there are new challenges for all restauranteurs.

Well, it now looks like the check, before tip, is going to be a little steeper and it has nothing to do with where you go to enjoy a meal. Have you heard the expression "Passing the savings on to you" as a traditional sales technique to help draw in more customers? Well, in the restaurant business they are relying on patrons to help cover their costs just to keep the lights on and it is because of how much everything has gone up.

Check this out from STEP OUT Buffalo

Yes, it is hard to read even harder to believe. Forget about the cost of chicken wings but take out boxes up from $25 to $95? So not only is the price of food going up, EVERYTHING else that you need to operate a dining establishment (food trucks included) is also on the uptick.

But the best point made in the above TWEET is the sentence. If you start to realize that you are getting charged more, it definitely is not because the restaurant is looking to get rich, they are just trying to get by. Support local and shop local is also a great mantra to remember.

Old Bars Of Buffalo

Old Bars Of Buffalo


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