If you're the kind of person that has to take your own pictures to make sure you get your best side, you're gonna love the 716 Selfie Museum.

Years ago before the term selfie was really popular, I remember being in the mall with my wife and watching two girl struggling to get the perfect picture on their flip phone.  It seemed really difficult and I offered to help them.  They looked at me like I had two heads.  "No...thanks...we're trying to take a selfie!"

It was one of the first times that I really kind of felt old. A selfie...got it.

But now, there's a setting on just about everyone's phone to make it easier to do!

If you're a selfie lover, you might want to check out the new "716 Selfie Museum" that is coming to the old Record Theater store at University Plaza, 3500 Main Street in Amherst.  They've set a date for their grand opening.  It's coming up on October 29th and tickets are on sale now.

While you're there you can take tons of pictures as the museum "features hundreds of props and settings designed to help you create a one-of-a-kind photo."  They've got 7,000 square feet of scenery, 50-plus selfie experiences, professional-grade lighting and selfie remote, and live music to put you in the mood

They've also got opportunities for you to host a one-of-a-kind, Instagram-worthy event for your next private party.

Tickets for the grand opening will be $20 for adults and $13 for children ages 5-12.

They've also got a program where students can essentially earn free tickets with good grades throughout the year.  For info, or to enroll a student, you can send an email to Rhoda Kittelsen in the Academic Achievers Program or call 716-768-5066.

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