Bargain hunters and second hand shoppers!  Today August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day,  it's a good day to watch for specials at the Thrift Shops in the area.

Clothing, furniture and household goods are great finds among the other hidden treasures within the walls of thrift shops across the country.  #NationalThriftShopDay

Here are 5 area stores in Buffalo


  • 1

    The Salvation Army Thrift Store

    Located 278 W. Ferry St. Buffalo, NY 14213

  • 2

    AmVets Thrift Store

    Located at 1833 Elmwood Ave.
    Buffalo, NY 14207

  • 3

    The Salvation Army Thrift Shop and As Is Store

    Located at1080 Military Rd.
    Buffalo, NY 14217
  • 4

    The Salvation Army Family Store

    Located at

    2196 Seneca St.
    Buffalo, NY 14210
  • 5

    Goodwill Retail Store

    Located at 2655 Delaware Ave.
    Buffalo, NY 14216

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