There are certain things that you have to do to make it feel like the holidays.  It could be seeing the snow fly, or baking a certain cookie.  For's hearing these songs.

I have a rule in my house that we don't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over.  But then, it's fair game.  And I love em.  Christmas music is some of my favorite.  It reminds me of being a kid, and the lead up to one of the greatest holidays of the year.  We were a very musical family growing up.  Hearing my mom singing in the kitchen while she baked cookies with the house decorated.  It really was great.

So when it gets to be this time of year, I always have to hear these songs to remind me of some of the best years getting ready for Christmas.  It just doesn't feel complete until I've heard them.

1.  Christmas Carol - Skip Ewing

This one is a tear jerker.  It tells the story of a man who agreed to play Santa Claus and meets little girl who is an orphan.  Don't has a happy ending!

2.  All I Want For Christmas Is You - Vince Vance & The Valiants

This song just has a very unique and calming sound to it.  And you only hear it on country radio....which I love.

3.  'Till Santa's Gone (I Just Can't Wait) - The Milk & Cookies Song - Clint Black

If you want to remember what it's like to get excited about the presents under the tree as a kid, this one is really a look back at Christmas through a child's eyes.

4.  Hard Candy Christmas - Dolly Parton

We had a friend who owned a farm in Arcade growing up.  I remember hearing this song at a Christmas party that he had there.  We had hot chocolate and went on actual sleigh rides with his horses and this song always reminds me of that night.

5.  A Soldier's Silent Night - Father Ted Berndt

A song that was originally written as a poem.  It's one that you just can't buy.  As far as I know it was only sent to radio stations to play.  It reminds you of the sacrifices that are paid every day by our soldiers to really give us the peace we get here in the U.S.

6.  The Christmas Guest - Grandpa Jones

Grandpa Jones was on Hee-Haw.  For those of you who haven't seen it, it was a country comedy variety show.  But this song is about the true meaning of Christmas...

7.  George Strait - Christmas Cookies

This one is a lot like Clint Black's "'Till Santa's Gone" song that I mentioned earlier.  It reminds you of the excitement of Christmas and the anticipation of waiting until the cookies come out!


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