The next time you think you are smarter than your kids I want you to remember this!

Like most households, I have successfully put up my Christmas tree this year!!! Yay ME! Now this year for the first time in a few years, I decided to go out and buy a fake tree instead of doing the real deal. Making the switch over wasn't an easy one, but I finally did it, and when I went to pick out the fake one, I wanted to make sure I got the perfect one.

After looking and looking, I found it over at Lowes in Poughkeepsie. After I picked it up and started to put it together, I learned a life season from my 10-year-old son when it comes to properly using the lights on the tree.

Once the tree was completely built, we put it in the best spot in the living room and plugged it in. Yes, it came prelit because I'm lazy, but after plugging it in, my son "dropped" some knowledge on me that I've never heard before.

After we cleaned up our tree project it was time for me to bring him to his mom's house and as we were leaving he says to me, "Dad don't forget to turn the lights on the tree off." Off? Once the lights on the tree go on, I don't think I ever turn them off until it's time to take the tree down after Christmas. He proceeded to tell me that they told him in school to always make sure that when you leave your house to make sure that all the Christmas lights are off before you leave.

I guess his teacher or someone at school told him it's dangerous to leave the lights on all the time because it could start a fire. I stood there with the UMMM look on my face and told him that I never heard that before, but would be more than happy to turn them off. As we were driving, he kept talking about it asking me to promise that I'll turn them off all the time. I promised of course, but is it really dangerous to leave them on all the time?

Is it Dangerous to Leave Your Christmas Tree Lights on 24/7?

According to numerous professionals, there is a level of danger in leaving the lights on all the time. Now the possibility of a fire starting from leaving lights on for too long is small, but it can still happen. After reading up on it, it really is common sense that the lights being on cause heat, and heat like that mixed with a dry tree can become a fire hazard.

Like I said earlier I feel about as dumb as a box of rocks for not knowing this but now I do and won't make that mistake again and encourage everyone reading this to remember to unplug your tree lights before bed and anytime you leave the house.

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