There is a major change in New York State that affects people who want to buy a pet. Governor Hochul signed the new law, which went into effect on New Year's Day.

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People Who Want Pets In NY Can't Do This Anymore

If you are thinking about adding a fur baby to your family, you won't be able to do this anymore. As of January 1, 2024, buying a pet from a store is banned. In mid-December 2023, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation S.1130/A.4283, which bans the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits at retail pet stores. The goal of the new law is to end puppy mills and stop abusive breeders. The law does allow pet stores to charge shelters to rent out their spaces for adoptions. Gov. Hochul said,

Dogs, cats and rabbits across New York deserve loving homes and humane treatment. I'm proud to sign this legislation, which will make meaningful steps to cut down on harsh treatment and protect the welfare of animals across the state.

Hopefully, the new law will stop abusive breeders. Animals who are bred lack proper veterinary care, food, and socialization.

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7 Dog Breeds New York State Considers Most Vicious and Dangerous [Photos]

New York State does not ban these dog breeds outright, however, certain types of dogs are labeled as dangerous and can legally be excluded from insurance coverage. Certain breeds are banned by New York City's Housing Authority, including,

Full- or mixed-breed Doberman Pincher, Pit Bull, and Rottweiler dogs of any weight are no longer allowed unless they were registered before January 31, 2010. If they were not registered before January 31, 2010, they must be removed from NYCHA property.

Most people who own any of these breeds of dogs will swear that their dog is the friendliest and would never harm anyone, so this article is not to villainize any particular dog breed.

CNET states that dogs are actually among the top 5 deadliest creatures on earth, landing in the number 4 spot, killing 25,000 people per year,

Man's best friend can also be a nightmare. Maulings and bites from rabid dogs are both to blame for the 25,000 dog-related deaths each year.

The New York State Insurance Department issued a statement saying that the following dogs can be excluded by an insurance company from coverage,

Coverage for any injuries to others or property of others caused by certain animals owned by or in the care of the insured will be excluded. This dog liability exclusion is added to exclude the following types of pure bred dogs:

The Top 5 Fatal Dog Breeds are:
1. Pitbull - 284 (65.6%)
2. Rottweiler - 45 (10.4%)
3. German shepherd - 20 (4.6%)
4. Mixed-breed - 17 (3.9%)
5. American bulldog - 15 (3.5%)

There have been 9 fatal dog attacks in the United States, so far, in 2022. At least 5 of the attacks involved dogs on the list above.

According to data from 2005 - 2017 via the MKP Law Group 

New York's Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

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