There are few things that the people of Buffalo love more than their Buffalo Bills.

Yes, we know other things that people from the 716 also love, especially on April 1st. We all know how much we appreciate our wings with ranch dressing, along with the great things our Buffalo Sabres do on the ice every day. And, of course, we have to share our love for dodging potholes all over the region, but that all pales in comparison to how much we love our Bills from Buffalo.

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We Buffalonians love our Bills so much that in the 1970s, we built the Bills home approximately 13 miles from Buffalo in Orchard Park, New York. Then, when presented with the opportunity to show how much Buffalo loves its Bills again, we decided to spend more than $1 billion to build a brand new stadium for the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, New York.

So, while it's a great feather in our cap to claim New York State's only NFL team, we unfortunately do not have Bills from Buffalo.

Getty Images
Getty Images

So, considering that the Bills Love Orchard Park way more than Buffalo, it seems that now is the time to ensure that love is fully embraced by both the people of Buffalo and Orchard Park.

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In a resolution being submitted to the Buffalo Common Council, the City of Buffalo respectfully demands that the Buffalo Bills officially change their name to the Orchard Park Bills.

Buffalo Common Council
Buffalo Common Council

The resolution has a simple premise: the Buffalo Bills have given Western New York a high source of pride since the 1960s. Since some people may be confused because the Buffalo Bills don't actually play in Buffalo, they should change their name to reflect their actual location better.

We Buffalo residents wouldn't want anyone to be confused about what team they actually support and where that team is, so it's probably best for the team to officially become known as the Orchard Park Bills.

This is probably one of the best decisions we could make for the Bills. I genuinely hope this isn't some April Fools Joke because quite a few people cannot wait for this new resolution to become law!

April Fools' Day
Ildo Frazao

While we're at it, maybe we should take a quick trip to the University at Buffalo Amherst.

Happy April Fools Day.

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