It's finally official and shovels are in the ground. Construction on the brand new $1.4 billion sports stadium for our beloved Buffalo Bills is underway and in just about 3 years we will all be cheering for our team wearing our brightest blue and red Zubaz while yelling Hey-ayyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyy-ayy! (Hey-ayyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyy-ayy!)

I, like most Bills fans, am super excited to be in a newly built state-of-the-art stadium, but can we all agree on something?

Building the Bills stadium in Orchard Park was a huge mistake 50 years ago, and it's an even huger mistake.

Why Is Building The New Stadium In Orchard Park A Huger Mistake

While there are all sorts of reasons why the stadium should've been built in the city, the primary reason why I think it's a mistake to build the new stadium in Orchard Park is simply due to the fact that we've been complaining about the current state being in Orchard Park since before it was built.

If you ask just about anyone on the streets in Western New York to name something that we did wrong in the area, you will typically get one of a few different answers:

  1. Building the new University at Buffalo campus in Amherst
  2. Allowing the Braves to leave Buffalo
  3. Destroying Delaware Park and Humboldt Parkway to build the Kensington Expressway
  4. and, Building the Bills Stadium in Orchard Park

Now, I know that relitigating the other reasons why this is a dumb idea is pointless. The Pegula's own the team and they can build the stadium for their team wherever they want and since they firmly planted their flag in Orchard Park it's safe to say it is what it is.

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Let's just not ignore the fact that the stadium in Orchard Park isn't very accessible and the last 50 years have spurred little development around the stadium, and it's not likely to spur any in the new stadium given the current political and residential climate around the town.

It seems the last 50 years didn't teach us anything.

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