There are reports that security is about to get beefed up in portions of New York State as the President of the United States will be making an appearance.

As the world watches to see what happens next in the Middle East, here at home there is a major election that is coming in the fall. The next presidential election will be a pivotal moment for the USA and the world.

But before the big day comes this November, President Joe Biden is making a few trips to various places and one of the stops will be in Central New York state.

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There are reports that the President will be in Syracuse for a visit.

The White House has confirmed President Biden is coming to Syracuse this week. and he will officially be announcing over six-billion-dollars in federal grant money that's going to Micron Technology. The exact time and location of the president's visit isn't being made public yet.

Recently, there have been some major demonstrations taking place in college campuses across New York State that has some officials concerned about student safety. While this trip is not related to those incidents, it will be interesting to see what, if any, other demonstrations or protests pop up around the state on Thursday.

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