The summer of 2024 is almost here and students across New York State may be looking for the best summer jobs. There is one opening that was just announced that may be the best yet.

The weather is finally feeling more like spring here in the Empire State. From Niagara Falls to Albany, there are warm temperatures and clear skies and we are all getting out in the fresh air!

The last few weeks of school are upon us and colleges and universities are graduating soon. What are the plans for the summer? Are you taking a break? Are you working or traveling? For some, this summer is the turning point from school to the "real world"

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For those who are outgoing, love kids and people and, most importantly, BASEBALL, this is huge! The New York Mets have announced the search for the next Mr. Met!

This could be the greatest job opening of all time! Beyond the superstars on the field, the fans love a good mascot and Mr Met may be one of the most popular and famous in sports.

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