Cities, Towns, and Villages all over the Empire State have been on a banning spree of late. Now, while it's not just limited to the municipalities since New York State has been banning all sorts of things too, some local lawmakers have been really going above and beyond in trying to ban things.

From Buffalo lawmakers banning new AirBNBs and short-term rentals in some neighborhoods to small towns all over the state banning loud noises and apartment buildings, it's becoming more difficult every day to call the Empire State a free and equitable place to live.

Now, it seems that using what may be deemed an essential part of your car is going to cost you a lot more money in the Big Apple.

New York City Banning Horn Honking?

Long ago, New York City passed laws to restrict the use of car horns in the city.

Even though officials in the city started removing 'no honking signs' from the city streets, it did not remove the rules from the city's law books.

The fine for honking your horn in New York City starts at $800 and can rise to as much as $2,500; officials have thought of a new way to start ticketing drives, enforcing these rules, and making some extra money from the people while they're at it.

Officials in New York City are in the process of installing a series of noise cameras all over the city to begin catching people creating excessive noise.

Some cameras have already been in use as part of a pilot program that was established by the New York City Council.

So now, in addition to having to pay a toll to drive in Manhattan, New York, drivers have to worry about getting a ticket in the mail if they have to honk their horn at someone while driving.

It also seems we've added another item to the list of reasons why Buffalo is once again New York's best city.

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