Couples and businesses worldwide have waited all year for this day to come. As couples are expected to spend nearly $26 billion expressing their love and affection for their significant other, there is a cohort of folks around the nation who are looking at this day and wishing the Grinch would come along and steal it.

Single Awareness Day, officially celebrated on the day after Valentine's Day, is here to remind us all how despicable couples can act on Valentine's Day.

What Is Single Awareness Day?

According to Urban Dictionary, Single Awareness Day (or S.A.D) is an alternate name for Valentine's Day, except it's used by people who do not have a Valentine and is thought of in a negative context.

For those without a significant other, the advertisements, cards, flowers and attention given to this particular day make one acutely aware of one's lack of couplehood.
-Urban Dictionary

While I'm sure single people don't in fact hate Valentine's Day, it can get quite annoying when all these so-called happy couples run all around town touting their love and affection while the rest of us sit at home watching reruns of old TV shows or play the video game with Cheetos' dust on our shirts.

So if you're sick of being inundated by cupids, flowers, hearts, chocolates, over-the-top gifts, and snuggly-face couples, I have a few ideas of things you can do... alone.

US Census Bureau
US Census Bureau

While some folks may decide to feel sad about S.A.D., I, for one, encourage you to turn that smile upside down and try a few of these things

What To Do To Stay Busy On Single Awareness Day

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Regardless of how you feel on this Single Awareness Day, it's better to be single than to have to worry about National Side Chick Day.

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