There are only a few weeks left until the start of the summer and across New York State police and other officials are reminding drivers to be safe and alert.

The weather these days has been anything BUT warm and dry. In fact, this past weekend, thousands of country music fans packed Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York for a Luke Combs concert that started out with snow flurries and wind!

But the good weather will be here soon and you can already feel the excitement for the long summer break among students. There is an annual campaign that is being launched in New York State that aims to keep people safe on the roads and, more specifically, the roads around school zones.

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The start of operation "No Empty Chair" is here in New York State.

According to reports, "No Empty Chair" runs through Friday, and students will learn about safe driving practices. Police will also be increasing patrols near schools this week to get dangerous drivers off the road.

According to the press release from New York State, "The 2024 statewide campaign is from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26. To help educate teens about safe driving, state and local law enforcement agencies that have School Resource Officers (SROs) or a presence at high schools are encouraged to conduct outreach during this campaign and throughout the prom and graduation season".

There is a theme or a "target" for each day this week. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your skills and focus on the task and responsibilities that come with driving.

Monday, April 22, 2024 – Speeding in School Zones
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 – Seat Belt and Child Restraints
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 – Cell Phone Use and Texting
Thursday, April 25, 2024 – Operation Safe Stop
Friday, April 26, 2024 - Underage Drinking and Impaired Driving

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