The blizzard that has been seriously impacting the midwest and east coast for the last couple of days will leave its mark in many places.

To say that conditions on the ground in Buffalo and other parts of New York have been treacherous would be an understatement. Since Friday, December 23, 2022, Western New York has seen sub-zero windchills, below-freezing temperatures, hurricane-force winds, and several feet of snow.

New York State is under a state of emergency, there is a travel ban in place for most of Western New York, emergency services have been stopped in several areas in Erie County, and the New York National Guard has been called in to help emergency personnel get back operating.

To highlight how bad things have gotten on the ground in Buffalo, renowned meteorologist Reed Timmer, Ph.D., who is best known for his Discovery Channel reality television series Storm Chasers, was front and center in Buffalo as the blizzard battered downtown.

Showing exactly how bad the storm has been in Buffalo, Trimmer came across several stranded cars and was even able to rescue a few people who got trapped in their cars.

These conditions are one of the reasons why government officials have closed the New York State Thruway and issued a travel ban throughout the area. Since the height of the storm, nearly 66% of emergency personnel have been stuck and unable to respond to calls for help.

This is the most intense blizzard I have ever chased.
-Reed Timmer, Ph.D</blockquote>

Thousands of people in the Buffalo area are without power and conditions are expected to worsen again overnight as the lake effect snowstorm works its way back into the metro area.

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