In Buffalo, we LOVE events. Now that football season is almost over, we need to expand our gatherings to things other than drinking, tailgating, and jumping through tables (the countdown is on to the Buffalo Bills pre-season, am I right?) But, in the meantime, after the Super Bowl, we immediately transition to Valentine’s Day, and there are plenty of events to participate in. 

Whatever your status is single, married, engaged, in a situationship, (and so many other terms, because, well it’s 2023 and it gets confusing) – there’s an event for everyone near or on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s not just about going out to dinner anymore either. There are concerts, mixers, painting classes and more to treat yourself with. One of the best parts is, you get to celebrate and support Buffalo-based businesses, too! 

Whether you want to participate in dry February, or just have a night out with your gal pals, Buffalo’s got just about every kind of event you can imagine. 

One of many options is a “Drag Show Mingle at Twin Petrels,” presented by Sober One Six. Twin Petrels is a brand new seltzer bar on Niagara St. that replaced the former Resurgence Brewing. This event has everything - a drag show, music and dancing, and mocktails for those who want to continue their dry January run! According to Twin Petrels, this also happens to be the first alcohol free drag show in Buffalo. 

This is just one of the options - take a look at some more options to enjoy with plenty of unique activities around Buffalo!

10 Valentine's Day Events Everyone Will Enjoy

Enjoy the best Valentine's Day events that Buffalo has to offer while enjoying local business offerings!

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