The wind and rain are about to arrive in New York State and among the many travel advisories that are in place, the Thruway has announced a temporary ban on certain vehicles until the storm passes.

While the weather changes quickly around New York State, this has been an interesting stretch from Mother Nature. Winter is officially here but you would not know that looking outside. This past Christmas was green for most of the state and the year has started with rather mild conditions for some.

But the forecast is calling for some incredible wind speeds and it will affect most of the New York State Thruway areas.

ALL EMPTY TRACTOR TRAILERS AND TANDEM TRUCKS will be restricted from traveling on I-90 from exit 36 (I-81) to the Pennsylvania border, and I-190 to exit 22 (Route 62), beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday, until further notice.

The wind is expected to knock down trees and cause power outages. NEVER touch a power line that is on the ground or fallen on your house. NYSEG and National Grid are already on alert and will be ready to tackle the issues.

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