There was an incredible amount of tickets handed out and arrests made in just a short amount of time in New York State according to a police report.

This past holiday season was one of the busiest yet on the roads across The Empire State. The mild weather not only brought a green Christmas to most places, it also made for easy travel and thousands were on the roads.

There was a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic related arrests and tickets handed out according to the reports.

There were more than 106,000 tickets given out between December 13th and January 1st.

State Troopers arrested 510 people for DWI and investigated 3,210 accidents, which resulted in 420 people being injured and five fatalities.

We spoke to one New York State driver who told us, "we saw Troopers all up and down The 90. Between Hamburg and Lancaster, (in Western New York), we saw cops all over around Christmas".

According to the New York State Police website:

During last year’s National DWI Crackdown, the State Police issued 32,934 total tickets and arrested 453 people for DWI.

If you are a parent of an infant or little kids, the New York State Police are also conducting safety checks for cars seats at various locations across New York.

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