The Buffalo Bills season came to an early end on Sunday as the Bills fell to the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs.

With the sloppy play on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball in steady snow poses one question. Should the Bills' new stadium have a dome?

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It has been a question that many people have debated since the Bills announced that they will be building a new stadium in Orchard Park.

Watching the way the Buffalo Bills struggled in the snow on Sunday has led a lot of Bills Mafia members to ask the question, is this team built to play in the snow?

The defense was slipping on the ground and couldn't tackle. The Bills' offense could get the running game going and wide receivers were dropping balls. The weather played a big factor in the Bills losing the game.

The weather didn't seem to bother the Bengals on Sunday but it did affect the Bills.

If the Bills want to play in the Super Bowl and maybe win it all, do they need to up their home-field advantage and have a dome or retractable roof on the new stadium?

For me, I say no. Sure the way the team is built, a dome would be great, but you can draft or sign power runners, Josh Allen still has a cannon of an arm, and you can get bigger and stronger guys on the d-line.

The weather is still a great advantage for the Buffalo Bills. So let it snow, build a team meant to play in bad weather, and go win a Super Bowl the Buffalo way, in the snow.

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