New York held its second primary day yesterday and one candidate's campaign is now claiming there are voting irregularities in their district.

Last night after a close race, Carl Paladino's campaign issued a statement stating they believe there were voting irregularities in a number of counties that make up New York's 23rd Congressional District.


Paladino held the lead for the race for much of the night until his challenger Nick Langworthy ended the night with a slim margin of victory.   Even with his opponent's claim of irregularities, Nick Langworth claimed victory last night after the vote counting was concluded.  


New York's 23rd Congressional District was redrawn this year and includes much f the Souther tier and parts of Erie County in its district.

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Paladino and his campaign have not asked for a recount as of this post, but that could be in the works if they think there was enough evidence that voting irregularities did occur last night during the vote count.

Max Della Pia who lost a special election to take over the vacant seat for the 23rd district won the Democratic primary and will face off against Langworthy in the November general election.


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