The good weather is on the way for New York State and it seems that most people are ready to do the same thing. In stores across New York, it is clear what people are shopping for.

The spring in New York State offers the biggest variety of weather. One day it can snow and blow and the next it can be sunny and 75! But when the sunshine and warm air take over, it is time to grill!

During a recent visit to the grocery store, I couldn't help but notice the shelves were picked over in the bread aisle and the hot dog rolls were gone!

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It appears that we are not the only family that was thinking of breaking out the grill and having a backyard cookout. The interesting part was that most of the hamburger rolls were still in stock. Are hot dogs more popular? Are they easier to grill? For our kids, a hot dog is king over a burger. However, the only exception is when we visit McDonald's.

Photo by: Clay Moden

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