Now that the snow is gone in Western New York chances are that your drive around town is getting a little more bumpy.

There are plenty of potholes and cracks all over the 716, but there are some roads that are worse than others.

We took to social media and asked people across Western New York what road would they want to be fixed ASAP. We got over 600 comments on our Facebook page alone so we know that there are a lot of road issues in the 716.

After combing through all the comments with some of them saying "All the roads in Erie County" or "Any road north of the 400" we found the roads that got the most comments.

From there we took to Google Maps to check out the roads and noticed that yep, you'll be right, these roads need some work.

From potholes to cracks in the roads, these roads could use some tender loving care from the local highway department.

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Even if you don't drive by these roads on a daily basis, make sure to be cautious if you have to travel down them because you couple pop a tire, mess up your realignment in your car, or even mess your the realignment in your back.

So buckle up, strap in, hold on to the handle, and get ready for a bumpy ride as you cruise down the 12 roads that Western New Yorkers want to be fixed right now.

Here we go!

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