Could the Bills be building up draft picks to land a Superstar Receiver from another team today?

The Buffalo Bills frustrated many of their fans at the NF: draft's opening round last night. After trading Sta wide receiver Stefon Diggs to Houston, many expected them to trade up for a top-ranked wide receiver. Or, at least, draft one with the 28th overall pick.

Neither happened.

The Buffalo Bills Upset Fans with Trade to Kansas City

The Bills trade the 28th pick to the rival Kansas City Chiefs, much to the anger of Bills Mafia. The Chiefs took wideout Xavier Worthy, the fastest 40-yard dash time EVER in the NFL: combine. Many were angry by this, essentially accusing the BIlls of sabotaging themselves. Many think Worthy is essentially a new version of former Chief and Buffalo Bills heartbreaker Tyreek Hill. By allowing the Chiefs to draft him, instead of the Bills taking him, their logic is you just destroyed your Super Bowl hopes.

That could happen. The odds of it happening are just as good as it not happening, though. I explain more here:

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But could the BIlls be building draft capital to make a huge splash?

Rumor: Shocking Trade About To Be Made By The Buffalo Bills?

There are plenty of rumors out there about the Bills, let alone every other team, but there's one that keeps coming back: are the Bills looking to add a superstar receiver already in the league? As Matt Miller on Twitter said last night:

This came right after this rumor came out:

Could they make it happen? Yes. Remember, getting these guys is worthy of high draft picks, but not necessarily 1st round picks. Plus, the Bills have the 33rd overall pick today, which is the first pick of the second round, another 2nd-rounder, and now a 3rd-round pick. They also have an extra second next year from their trade of Stefon Diggs.  The 49ers need to move one of their receivers, and Tee Higgins is franchise-tagged. Both teams would prefer to move on from them. Not because they ar e bad players, but because yo can only afford so much. All 3 players can have their contracts re-worked to fit in the salary cap.

GM Brandon Beane could even trade more picks today and STILL trade for one of these receivers.

Again, these are rumors and could wind up being nothing. Just keep it in mind for night 2 of the NFL draft.

Every Pick Made By Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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