Buffalo Bills players Dawson Knox and 1st round draft pick Dalton Kincaid are large men. Both are 6'4" tall. Both are over 245 pounds. Both are Tight Ends. As Tight ends, they block and catch the ball on offense. It's an important role that has grown as a feature spot on NFL offenses over the past 2 decades. WNY's own Rob Gronkowski and Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, in particular, have made it a premiere position. It requires excellent athletes, especially compared to just 20 years ago in the NFL. How athletic are they, though? We're about to show you. Let's first get you familiar with both and how they came to the NFL because they have interesting stories.

Dawson Knox

The Buffalo Bills drafted Knox in the 3rd Round of the 2019 NFL Draft.  He was not always a Tight End, which has become a common occurrence among modern players of the position. In high school, he was a Quarterback and Wide Receiver. He walked on to the Ole Miss college football team as a fullback, before transitioning to Tight End. In the NFL he has been a starter for a few years now and a fixture on the Bills' offense. Knox gives back to Buffalo and kids battling cancer, partnering with the P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative which raises money for families with children battling cancer in WNY and beyond. Learn more about P.U.N.T. CLICK HERE.

Dalton Kincaid

Despite Knox being on the Bills as their starting Tight End, the Bills drafted Kincaid in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He is widely considered to be the best college prospect at Tight End from the 2023 class. In high school, Kincaid played a lot of basketball and only one year of football. He walked onto the University of San Diego football team and then transferred to Utah.

The Buffalo Bills and Golf

Like many pro athletes, several Buffalo Bills players are big-time golfers in their spare time. Most notable is Josh Allen, who competed with Patrick Mahomes against Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in a nationally televised golf match. Allen was also very visible during the PGA Championship at Oak Hill in Rochester. YOu can see pictures of Josh and his golf antics below. Dawson Knox is also known to hit the green and has clearly brought the rookie Kincaid with him, as you're about to see.

Watch Buffalo Bills' Knox, Kincaid Hit Golf Balls Blindfolded

The Buffalo Bills' social media team is always producing fun content. This TikTok video is another example. Here, Dawson Knox and Dalton Kincaid are blindfolded before they hit a gold ball off the tee. Do they hit it? CHekc out the video:

Pro athletes are gifted in more than just the sport they are known for, and clearly, Knox and Kincaid have talents on the golf course, too.

Could you hit a golf ball blindfolded?

Photos Of Josh Allen Golfing

Josh Allen is good at football, but he is also good at golf.

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

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