These hospitals received low grades for patient safety from an organization claiming they want to make health care systems better.

The healthcare business is a controversial one. It's a constant point of argument in politics and policymaking. Americans are spending more than ever on healthcare. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Average citizen pays over $13,000 per year on healthcare and insurance. According to Health System Tracker, that's double or more what other countries pay around the world.

Paying double what others pay, you'd hope the US ranking would bat the top. They aren't, as according to FREOPP World Index of Healthcare Innovation the US is 11th overall for Healthcare, 19th for quality, 32nd for fiscal sustainability, and 10th for choice.  On a more positive note, The US is #1 for science and technology.

Another positive: The United States is home to the best hospitals in the world, according to Newsweek.

How do they stack up in New York?

Hospital Patient Safety Rankings

An organization called The Leapfrog Group ranks hospitals in every state for patient safety. They define patient safety as:

... how hospitals and other health care organizations protect their patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. While many hospitals are good at keeping their patients safe, some hospitals aren’t. Upwards of 250,000 people die every year from preventable errors in hospitals.

The Leapfrog Group says its mission is to make healthcare systems better and prevent needless deaths by using evidence-based measures for patient safety. Read more about how they evaluate and grade hospitals by CLICKING HERE.

New York Hospitals with 'A' Grades for Patient Safety

When grading New York State Hospitals, 16 received an 'A' Grade for Patient Safety. They are:

  1.  Kenmore Mercy Hospital
  2. Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic
  3. Long Island Jewish Forest Hills
  4. Massena Hospital
  5. Mather Hospital
  6. Northern Westchester Hospital
  7. NYU Langone Hospital - Brooklyn
  8. NYU Langone Hospitals
  9. NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island
  10. Peconic Bay Medical Center
  11. Saratoga Hospital
  12. South Shore University Hospital
  13. St. Charles Hospital
  14. St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center
  15. Syosset Hospital
  16. White Plains Hospital

28 Hospitals Have 'D' For Patient Safety In New York

Disclaimer: these hospitals receiving a D grade from 3rd party site does not make them bad hospitals. These grades are specifically for patient safety, not their overall quality of care, surgery rakings, emergency care, cancer care, etc. Do not avoid these hospitals if you need them, as they may be the closest one to you and several of these have excellent rankings everywhere else.

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The Following Hospitals received a 'D' grade for patient safety by The Leapfrog Group:

  1. Albany Medical Center
  2. Auburn Community Hospital
  3. BronxCare Health System
  4. Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
  5. Canton-Potsdam Hospital
  6. Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital
  7. Erie County Medical Center
  8. Flushing Hospital Medical Center
  9. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
  10. MidHudson Regional Hospital of Westchester Medical Center
  11. Montefiore Einstein Campus
  12. Montefiore Moses Campus
  13. Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital
  14. Montefiore Wakefield Campus
  15. Nassau University Medical Center
  16. Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
  17. NYC Health and Hospitals - Lincoln
  18. NYC Health and Hospitals - South Brooklyn Health
  19. Olean General Hospital
  20. St. Barnabas Hospital
  21. St. John's Episcopal Hospital
  22. St. Mary's Hospital Amsterdam
  23. Staten Island University Hospital - North Campus
  24. UHS - Binghamton General Hospital
  25. UHS Wilson Medical Center
  26. Upstate University Hospital
  27. UR Medicine Thompson Health (AKA FF Thompson Hospital)
  28. Westchester Medical Center

*1 New York State Hospital received an 'F' grade, which was Columbia Memorial Hospital.

Again, this does not mean these hospitals are bad or should be avoided. In an emergency, getting to a hospital fast is what matters most.

See all of The Leapfrog Group's Rankings for New York by CLICKING HERE.

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