New York may be changing the laws for certain children regarding medical consent.

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Vaccines have been a hot topic in the United States for some time. Misinformation, a lack of trust in public officials, the US health system not being trusted, and in some cases a lack of education has led to many heated debates on them. The COVID-19 pandemic ramped up those debates. This especially goes for parents and giving vaccines to their children.

While the overwhelming majority of children in the US are vaccinated against deadly diseases, there is a notable percentage that is not as their parents have opted them out for a number of reasons. Things like, for example, religious exemptions, or a belief by the parents that they harm children. This has been disputed by medical professionals who support their use. More on that, CLICK HERE.

What about kids who are runaways or homeless, though? Can they give consent to things like vaccines without a parent's approval? A new law being proposed in New York is addressing this issue. Currently, homeless children who receive services at an approved runaway and homeless youth crisis services can give consent to treatments without a parent. This bill would end that.

A bill proposed in the New York State Senate would not allow runaway children to consent to treatment and vaccines without their parent's consent.

The Bill, titled Senate Bill S832, has passed the Senate and is now being taken up by the Assembly. If it were to pass, it would do the following:

This legislation amends the underlying chapter by striking runaway youth from the pool of youth who can consent to their own medical, dental, health and hospital services.

Some are concerned that this would deny some treatments to kids trying to escape abusive situations. Others point out that this could protect them from making life-altering decisions without the guidance of a parent.

What do you think of this bill?

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