The total solar eclipse happened today across the United States, including in Buffalo, New York. For around 4 minutes, the sun was completely blocked by the moon, creating an almost pitch-black moment in the middle of the afternoon.

Sadly, cloud cover obstructed the view, but many still managed to get a glimpse. Like this person Twitter/X:

Millions of people were predicted to come to the Western New York region for the eclipse. There were warnings from the Governor, County Executive, and several other officials that this once-in-a-lifetime event would potentially create chaos. The warnings were given on signs on the Thruways around WNY, warning you to "arrive early, leave late" on the day of the eclipse. Hotels were allegedly filled up. All schools were closed and businesses were urged to shut down for the day.

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This, by all accounts, was going to be a massive event, unlike anything Western New York had ever seen.

So where were all the cars?

For an event bringing a million people, allegedly, to Western New York, it was awfully light on traffic. As Rob Banks of WYRK showed us:

In fact, this was how it was on rads in WNY all day. Every check of traffic cameras, Google Maps, and Waze showed... nothing. It was very quiet. a surprise considering all of the warnings. Even the Buffalo News noticed.

The lack of traffic was the brunt of many jokes, like this one.

Did officials overdo it on the eclipse warnings? How many people actually came here? Time will tell, but it was certainly not a chaotic day in WNY.

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