Brett Young has dropped a new song, “Let Go Too Soon,” and it’s soaked with regret, aching questions and a bunch of what-ifs.

Young co-wrote the track with Chris LaCorte and Jon Nite, and the heartbreak tune has Young questioning the premature dissolution of his past relationship.

“Do you ever think about me / And miss the way I looked at you? / And do you ever reach across the sheets / From me like you used to? / Do you ever wake up lonely / And you just can't leave the room? / Do you ever wonder the way I wonder / If we let go, did we let go?” Young asks his ex in the opening verse as he shares the breakup misery he’s endured.

“I've been going out with friends / I've been drinking too much whiskey / Burning candles at both ends / But nothing seems to fix me / 'Cause no matter what I do / I still wake up missing you / Do you do that too? / Did we let go, did we let go / Did we let go too soon?” Young continues in the chorus, clearly exhibiting his regret for throwing in the towel "too soon."

“Let Go Too Soon” previews Young’s forthcoming album, Across the Sheets. Arriving Aug. 4, the eight-song set includes Young’s new single, “Dance With You,” “Back to Jesus” and a cover of Tim McGraw's hit, “Don’t Take the Girl.”

Of the project, Young shares, “I really dug deep with my writing over the pandemic. Across the Sheets is by far the most adventurous I’ve ever gotten thematically and lyrically. I hope people hear my evolution as a songwriter and artist because I’m really proud of how much I allowed myself to pull back the curtain and let people see more of my life through my music."

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