Math for many is not a fun or easy subject, but the right teacher can change that. And one just did: A teacher on TikTok used a Morgan Wallen song to help her kiddos learn to count.

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It's not breaking news that using mnemonic devices like songs and rhymes help us memorize information. According to PsychCentral, it's actually easier to learn using these tools because it taps into how your brain naturally stores data.

So, it makes perfect sense why this teacher would use a popular song help her students turn a potentially challenging topic into something fun.

TikTok Teacher Helps Students Count by 9s to the Tune of a Morgan Wallen Song

Educator Faith McPeek (@mcpeek_teaches, TikTok) is a third grade teacher whose TikTok profile is filled with videos of her experiences in education and the classroom. One of the latest posts is her teaching her students to count by 9s to the tune of Morgan Wallen's "Last Night."

Genius (and catchy)! Here's how it goes:

Last night we learned to count by 9's.

9, 18, 27, 36, and 45.

You told me 54 and 63 were coming back.

But 72 and 81, and 90 were all that's left.

No way I'll forget my 9's.


As you can hear, it sounds like the entire class was enjoying the lesson. This clever tune originated from another TikTok account, teachwithmrc, where educator Sean Connolly shares tons of resources to help students.

There are even more fun videos of him teaching to the popular tunes of artists like Dierks Bentley, Taylor Swift, and more!

People on the internet are, too, as the video has received well over 26 million views thus far. A quick scroll through the comments and it's clear this lesson is one that'll stick.

Some adults (and Wallen fans) even got a nice little reminder, too. Some of the comments:

"I’m 37 and just learned to count by 9’s"

"This is amazing Morgan Wallen needs to see this "

"Love this!!! They got that Wallen rhythm and sound so sweet!"

"I wish I had this growing up!! I would of learned math so much quicker"

Chances are you'll probably think of this the next time you hear the hit on the radio ... and you'll always remember how to count by 9.

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