Jonathan Majors has been found guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and harassment.

After a two-week trial, a New York jury deliberated for several hours before coming to a verdict on Monday. Majors was found not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree.

His sentencing will begin on February 6. He could spend up to a year in jail.


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The charges stemmed from an incident on March 25, after police found Majors’ ex-partner, Grace Jabbari, with injuries to her head and finger. Majors pled not guilty to all of the charges; his attorneys had tried to claim that it was Jabbari who had assault Majors that night. After an incident in a car that spilled out into a New York City street, some of which was captured on security cameras, Majors and Jabbari went their separate ways; Majors stayed at a hotel for the night. When he returned to their shared apartment in the morning, he found Jabbari unconscious and called 911.

The verdict could have huge implications for not only Majors’ career but for Hollywood at large. Majors plays Kang the Conqueror, the current lead villain of Marvel’s cinematic universe. He recently appeared as a variant of Kang on the second season of Marvel’s Loki and was also the key antagonist in this year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He is supposed to play a main role in the upcoming Avengers sequel, The Kang Dynasty

According to recent rumors, Marvel has already discussed contingency plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe if they need to replace Majors, either with another actor or with another character entirely. Thus far, they have yet to announce any changes to their plans.

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