The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, is becoming quite a serious event. Sure, while many of us in the path of the eclipse, are excited to witness this rare event,  steps are being taken to ensure safety during the eclipse.

According to the New York State Police, Troop E in Canandaigua will be the headquarters for all State Police operations. The goal is to minimize any adverse effects associated with the large influx of visitors to the areas in the path of the solar eclipse.

NYS Police note that during an eclipse in 2017, some areas experienced a 100 percent increase in population. Officers will monitor traffic during the event and will be ready to respond rapidly if needed.

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Some concerns during the solar eclipse include the influx of populations, possible transportation system disruptions, delays or disrupted emergency services responses, stranded motorists, gridlocked traffic increasing fuel, food, and water demand, overloaded cellular networks, and potential weather and road concerns.

Tips from the New York State Police for visitors planning to view the eclipse in New York State, don't park or stop in the roadway, if possible, stay in the region the night of the event, or at least make sure your vehicle is fueled up/charged up the day before April 8th.

Also, have available extra food and water, and be sure your cellphones are charged up, plan to be in traffic for an extended period, view the eclipse from designated viewing sites, and use only approved glasses.

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For local residents, the NYS Police recommend you avoid the roadways after the solar eclipse has ended.

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