A new study claims that if you lose cash in New York, most times it will be returned to you. Do you believe that's the case?

If you've ever lost a wallet or a purse/pocketbook you are well aware that it's one of the worst things that can happen to you. The feeling we get after we realize that something like that is missing is one of the worst feelings we can experience, especially if a bunch of cash is involved.


You Find $1,000, What Would You Do?

A recent study by the folks at Study Finds asked thousands of people from various states what they would do if they found $1,000 cash on the ground. The scenario, "You're walking along the street and you look down and see a stack of cash totaling $1,000 lying there."

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What do you do? Do you keep it, or would you return it? 47% of everyone who took the survey said that they would keep the cash if they felt that nobody saw them pick it up but does where you lose the cash matter?

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YES, it does! Before we tell you how you'd be fair if you lost the cash in New York (below), let's start with the top three cities in the U.S. You are almost guaranteed never to see the cash again if you drop it there.


Most Dishonest Cities in the Country?

The top three cities the study says you are never going to see the cash again in are, New Orleans, Louisiana...Memphis, Tennessee...and...Detroit, Michigan with 62% of people saying they would keep the cash if they found it and 38% saying they would try to return it to its owner.

Canva/Google Maps
Canva/Google Maps

Lost Cash in New York

Some might have a hard time believing this (not us) but New York grabbed the 8th most honest place in the study with 42% saying they would keep it and 58% saying they'd give it back.

New York was followed by:

7. Phoenix, Arizona
6. Houston, Texas
5. Miami, Florida
4. Atlanta, Georgia
3. Tulsa, Oklahoma
2. Los Angeles, California
1. Jacksonville, Florida

New York oftentimes gets a bad rap for many things but NOW, honesty is no longer one of them...LOL! Fingers crossed you never have to put this study to the test but it's comforting to know that most of us will do the right thing.

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