It was a little over a month ago when Jake Owen was getting ready to race go-karts with Kevin Harvick and Clint Bower when he took a wrong turn and ended up flipping his go-kart and leaving his hand in mangled mess.

Not knowing the permanent damage caused, he trucked on and performed with his arm in a sling and his hand all wrapped up. He even took the stage at Darien Lake and was playing the guitar!

However, things turned south when his finger started bleeding. Jake went into his doctor and ended up leaving with one less finger.

I have been this last week or so playing guitar again and my finger felt great. This one I had it wrapped just like this and it started bleeding so I went to the doctor this morning and he's like, 'That's not good.' And so not to be too graphic but this morning at 10:30 they just went ahead and amputated the last half of it yeah, so today they cut the whole...from the joint up they took it off. I'm kinda trying to pretend it doesn't hurt right now, but it's a little sensitive.

There is no word if this will effect his guitar playing in the future -- we hope it doesn't. This does mean that one of the last shows he played with a full set of fingers was at Darien Lake. Bet you didn't think you'd have that story to tell people in the future!