Does the punishment actually match the crime here?

Were felony charges for high school seniors at Jamestown High School appropriate? With graduation for all Western New York high schools just around the corner, we were talking about some of the best and worst high school pranks.

One of the most famous Western New York High School Senior pranks is from Jamestown back in 2015. It received so much publicity because some didn't think that the kids should have been threatened with felony charges.

Here is what happened at Jamestown High School:

Back in 2015, six students, all seniors that are about to graduate, are facing charges, including felony burglary after their prank was caught on camera. They broke into the school and caused 'havoc' according to some administrators.

According to WGRZ:

The report says students entered the building through an old boiler room that connects to the school via an underground passage. According to police, glitter in the school colors of red and green was spread throughout the entire building. Also, lockers were tied together across the halls with kite string and reams of copy paper were scattered about. The students allegedly attempted to cover security cameras by placing 'Hello My Name Is' stickers on the lenses.

In addition, a door lock to an administrator's office was damaged but no entry gained.

The students faced at the time fourth-degree criminal mischief and third-degree criminal tampering charges.

All of the kids except for one were 18 years old. Was a felony charge too harsh of a punishment? Do you remember what your high school senior prank was?

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