How this didn't make headline news all over the country, I'll never understand. Luckily for you, I happen to live in the town, and have the latest details where people are baffled, and on the search for a missing pair of spectacles.

WGRZ, along with the fine residents of East Aurora, are hard on the case of the missing glasses belonging to the one and only  Vidler-on-the-roof. You probably know him best as the large statue sitting up on top of the Vidler's 5&10 store in the Village of East Aurora. It turns out that his specs went missing a couple days ago and have yet to be found.

Vidler's shared this post on Instagram yesterday, Take a good look and if you have any information on the where about of his glasses, let Vidler's know!


Some are saying this is the "senior prank" pulled off by the students at East Aurora High School. If this is in fact true, I am absolutely, without a doubt, pretty..well..impressed. For those of you familiar with where the statue and store is located, it's not hidden at all and even in shot of a webcam from the local newspaper. I think this heist was done by a professional, or maybe the wind, but kudos if this was a senior prank pulled off!

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