Jason Aldean‘s latest album, the double-platinum ‘My Kinda Party,’ isn’t even a year old yet, but he isn’t wasting any time getting started on his next release. In fact, he’s planning on heading into the studio next month to start laying down tracks.

When Aldean’s crew convenes for the sessions for his fifth album, they’ll have no shortage of songs to choose from. In fact, it sounds like it’ll be a struggle to get the list of candidates down to a manageable length.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Aldean said he has a “pile of 20, 25 songs” to sort through once he starts recording — and he has no preconceived ideas of what the end result will sound like. “We’ve never gone in and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to make a really country record,’ or a country-rock record or whatever,” he explained. “I think you just wait on the songs to come in and then you go in the studio and the album takes shape. Whatever it sounds like when you’re done is what it sounds like.”

One thing Aldean does know is that the album won’t include many of his own songs. “It’s just not the way I operate,” he said, adding, “I’m such a fan of so many other writers, and even though I may have a song that I think is cool and good, it seems like I always find something that I like better and end up booting my own songs off the record.”

[Taste of Country]

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