Former Jeopardy Champ James Holzhauer, who won over 2 million dollars this past season on the show, has a local connection.

A 5-year-old from Lancaster named Natalie wrote Holzhauer a letter after his winning streak was snapped earlier this month.

Well a couple of weeks later, little Natalie received a letter back from Holzhauer.

The letter read;

"Hi Natalie,

Thanks so much for your awesome letter! Your dad says you're already studying to be on Jeopardy yourself. I wonder what your profession will be when you make it on the show? I'm the first professional sports gambler in the show's history; maybe you can be something equally exciting. Based on your letter, I'm thinking maybe author!



Plus on the other side of the letter, was a drawing of a Jeopardy answer box which read "What is Thanks for the letter, Natalie!"

How cool is that!

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