May is here and across New York State the grass is growing and the warm weather has arrived! Spring is finally here!

There are some who are choosing to NOT mow their lawns this month in an effort to help the bees and the butterflies thrive. It is a choice that may cause a few disputes in neighborhoods near you.

But as we move on from April, perhaps we have moved on from the heavy rains that we saw that month?

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According to the weather station and rain gauge in our backyard, the rain was intense in our area. With nearly 5 inches of rain, it seems like we will never be able to mow the lawn even if we wanted to!!!

Photo by: Clay Moden

The weather this week looks just about perfect!!

As far as no mow May, it is a trend that is taking off in many locations. Those against it say that it actually brings in more bad than good as rodents and other pests find their way to the higher grass as well.

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