This year has been incredible for The Bills and their fans.  So much so that some people who have been fans of other teams are willingly denouncing their teams to join our fanbase.

Take Chrissy as an example.  She grew up around Albany and has been a Jets fan for her entire life.  If you've followed them over the last 40 years, you know that they have had lots of ups and downs too, but unfortunately, much like the Bills, it's been more downs than ups.

Now that she sees how much fun we are having, and how great our fanbase has been, she wants to be one of us.

So what do you think Mafia?  Should we let her in?


Lets be honest here. She's denouncing her old team. She's burning all her gear. She's asking nicely. She knows her history. Heck, she lived here in Buffalo for 5 years.

We have transplants all over the country.  Sadly, people were moving away from the queen city for years.  So we have fans all over the place.  You don't have to live in Buffalo to be BillsMafia.

I say yes.  It's never bad to have more fans.  But there is one condition.

She says it in her poem that she will "Root for the Bills every seasonly."  That's the one thing that Bills fans and BillsMafia really share.  We've been through the bad years together.  We loved them when they sucked.  We would watch every week as our quarterback barely threw for 100 yards per game.  And we still admitted openly that we were Bills fans.  We didn't drop them then, which is what makes it even sweeter to celebrate them now.  Once you're in, you're in.  You don't get to jump back to the Jets...or any other team for that matter.  Bills fans don't get to waiver.

But there is plenty of room on this wagon.  Nobody circles them better than we do.  I have no say in who can and can't join the mafia...but being a Bills fan for almost 35 years, my vote is to say "Welcome to the Mafia Chrissy."


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