Most people claim that all they want out of their politicians is honesty.  Then one of them is honest, and we realize that we should expect a little more from them.

NY Representative Chris Collins made national news last week by "just being quite honest," and admitting that he didn't read all of the bill that he signed to replace the Affordable Care Act.  This week, he got called out for it.

John Oliver is the host of an HBO show called "Last Week Tonight."  On the show, he talks mostly politics.  This week in the news was the signing of the American Health Care Act.  When asked by Wolf Blitzer on CNN if Representative Collins had read the entire bill before he signed it.  His response,

"We rely on our staff, and we rely on our committees, and I'm comfortable that I understand this bill in its entirety Wolf, uh, without pouring through every word, and uh, I'm just being quite honest.  That's the way it is."

This was John Oliver's response:

**WARNING - NSFW Language**

Maybe it's time we start expecting a little more out of our politicians.  You to read the bills that they are signing.

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