Is there a bigger star in Western New York than Josh Allen?

The Buffalo Bills starting quarterback has captivated the hearts of all Buffalonians and Bills Mafia members across the country. His recent success over the past two seasons, especially in the two AFC playoff games this past January, have propelled Josh into superstar status and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

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His brand is also growing off the field. We are slowly seeing him in more commercials and even the focus of TMZ articles, which is a good sign that you know the person is on the public's minds.

Allen will soon be starring in a new TV commercial for Frito-Lay.

According to WIVB, Allen is filming the commercial for Frito-Lay at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park on Wednesday, which will take between 6-8 hours.

Extra are being paid $200, while principal actors are being paid $1,200.

The commercial needed a Josh Allen look-alike, along with two coaches and a wide receiver, along with other extras filling out the roles of offensive lineman and defensive backs.

There's no telling when the new commercial will air on television but the fact it's for a corporation as big as Frito-Lay, means that Allen is now regarded as a huge get for national companies looking to sell their products with star athletes or actors/actresses.

We have seen Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes star in numerous TV commercials over the last several years, so it's really cool that Allen will now be a part of that club.

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